Small Kitchens

Focus on Kitchen Functions

Larger kitchen can easily accommodate many functions, from a work center for doing bills and kids’ homework, to a huge pantry and double ovens, the small kitchen must be designed for one main function; food preparation and eating areas.  Designing a small kitchen requires you to focus on function, designing the stations, planning placement of major appliances like your kitchen range, oven, sink, dishwasher and refrigerator first.

Use these tips to help you make your small kitchen look and feel larger:

  • Choose light colors to make spaces look larger. Try cream-colored cabinets, beige walls, or if you like a splash of color, chose light greens, blues or yellows. Lighter colors will reflect light and create a brighter space.
  • Cabinets with glass fronts make the kitchen seem roomier while showcasing your favorite dishes or china. Try glass fronts on the upper cabinets and leave lower ones solid to keep the eye-level part of the kitchen airy.
  • If your kitchen is wide enough, try adding a free-standing island or a butcher’s block to increase work space and add storage space.
  • Hanging your pots and pans from the ceiling on an overhead rack or shelf will keep them close at hand while saving precious cabinet space for your other cooking items.
  • For added storage, use pantry units and stack from floor to ceiling to maximize storage in a small space.
  • Use under-cabinet lighting to create the illusion of space while brightening those dark workspaces.
  • For flooring, use a diamond pattern tile or wood floor. Or try painting your existing floor with a diamond pattern of two different colors. This pattern tricks the eye into thinking the floor is much wider than it is.